Family Mediation

I offer mediation services to help couples and families resolve their disagreements, whether it is in the context of a separation or divorce; an ongoing relationship or marriage; or a decision-point in a relationship. I am also available to work on matters such as disagreements with children, teens, adult siblings, and aging parents.  In addition, I have worked with divorcing or divorced couples to improve their working relationships. I have experience with LGBT relationships as well.

My experience has shown that couples (or families) who wish to work out an interpersonal issue between them can often benefit from a single mediation session.

To read my latest article, which explains the different kinds of mediations, please click here.

Training and Experience in Family Mediation:

I have attended many training programs and continuing education seminars in the fields of general mediation, divorce mediation, custody and visitation mediation, parent-teen mediation, elder mediation, divorce law and other relevant topics.  I continue to attend such programs regularly. In addition, I am a mediator in the New York City Family Court Mediation Program and in both the Westchester and Queens County Supreme Court’s Matrimonial Mediation Programs. I am a past co-president of the Family and Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York. I also write articles in the general field of mediation, and specifically in the divorce and family mediation area. In addition, I organize programs for the enrichment and education of mediators. The following is a link to an article I wrote for family and divorce mediators:  Bridging Differences in Divorce and Family Mediation.

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