About Me


  • 17 years of mediation experience
  • Highly trained in the process of mediation
  • J.D. from Columbia Law School
  • Deeply interested in the process and practice of mediation

I have trained extensively in the process of facilitative mediation, and have been a mediator since 1995.  I am on the following panels of mediators:  the U.S. Postal Service’s REDRESS workplace mediation program,  the New York City Family Court Mediation Program,  the Queens County Supreme Court’s Matrimonial Mediation Pilot Program, the Westchester County Supreme Court Mediation Program, among others.  In addition,  I a past Co-President and Board Member of the Family and Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York.

I have experience in many types of mediations, and take cases in all realms, including business, workplace,  family,  and general interpersonal matters.  I have written several articles on the process of mediation, have served as a mediation mentor, and currently lead bi-monthly mediation workshops for advanced mediation skills. I have also organized several successful panel presentations for the mediation community. These panels discussions were designed to consider and discuss difficult and controversial issues in the practice of divorce mediation.

In addition to my mediation practice, I am a hearing officer for special education cases. I have also practiced in the realms of arbitration, coaching and law.

As a mediator, my focus is on helping parties come to a well-considered agreement of their own choosing, and one that they are likely to remain happy with. I am highly respectful of the individuality and perspectives of parties.

I am a NYSDRA Certified Mediator.

The following articles may be of interest to prospective clients:

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